Friday, November 22, 2013

Why become an Important Bird Area Caretaker?

Marc-Andre at an IBA monitoring outing (far right).
Out of our network of Important Bird Area Caretakers, each volunteer has his or her own motivations for looking after an IBA in their community. These reasons range from a desire to get involved in something local to a lifelong interest in bird life and nature. 

In this post, Marc-Andre Beaucher shares his thoughts on what it means to be a co-Caretaker for Creston Valley IBA in British Columbia. This short, condensed interview comes to us thanks to Krista Englund, IBA Caretaker Coordinator for our provincial partner, BC Nature.

KE: Why did you want to be an IBA Caretaker?

MB: It keeps me connected with a network of other like-minded enthusiastic and knowledgeable bird watchers.

KE: What do you do as a Caretaker?

MB: Mostly monitoring and recording bird sightings, as well as completing annual reports for our local IBA.

KE: What difference does your Caretaker work make for nature?

MB: Helps contribute to the global knowledge about bird ecology and hopefully to good decision making when addressing environmental challenges that affect bird populations.

KE: Why are IBAs important to protect?

MB: IBAs are very significant to raise awareness about the importance of birds locally, nationally, and globally. They’re also something we can take pride in and enjoy!