Friday, November 29, 2013

My first snow experience

David Njuguna is a volunteer with Nature Canada. He hails from Kenya and is participating in Canada World Youth’s Youth Leaders in Action program. David will be completing a two-month work placement with Nature Canada, starting in early October and ending in November. He will be joining the Communications and Conservation teams and helping them with various projects. 

I have heard a lot of stories about the snow. Some people says that they like it and others don’t.Since I came to Canada I haven’t had the chance to see a huge snow fall. When I meet a new person or a group of people, the only thing  we talk about is the snow. Questions that come up include: how I will dress during the snow fall? Is there snow in Kenya?

Sometimes it gets cold in Kenya but I have never seen the temperature go below 8 degrees Celsius. When it gets cold in Canada, I almost freeze! One time I forgot my hat and I got so cold that I couldn’t even feel my ears.

A few days ago, the snow started falling little by little and when I woke up at around seven the next morning, everything was white. Everything looked so beautiful! The roads were all covered with snow. The snow was quite deep because my shoes were all covered by the snow as I was walking. Another thing I noticed was that it was not as cold as some people said it would be. In fact, I didn’t even put my gloves on. It was so amazing and I really loved it.