Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Accountant Turned Farmer

Lloyd Alva Clapp started his career as an accountant with Price Waterhouse in Toronto but soon missed the quiet and slower pace of Chatham and his father’s 300 acre farm.  It was growing up in this rural setting that naturally instilled his lifelong love of the land and animals. He switched careers and ended up mink farming instead.  He, his wife Doris, their dogs and pet billy goat enjoyed it immensely.

His brother-in-law Frank Uniac notes that Lloyd personally planted every tree on his lot (over 100 trees in total) providing nesting places for migratory birds and each night, he took time out to feed the birds that frequented his land.  Given his business acumen, he was successful in his endeavors and ensured to give back to the community.

During his years, he befriend another mink farmer, Norm Chesterfield who was also a renowned birdwatcher from the Wheatley area and spent many an hour birding together.  Lloyd had a special passion for eagles and would make special excursions on his vacations to go eagle spotting.

Lloyd’s passion for birds and all wildlife led him to make a generous gift in his will to Nature Canada to help protect the animals and wildlands he cares so much about… for years to come.