Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knowing Where To Look …To Be Inspired By Nature

And then I realized – you just need to know where to look,” says Dr. Allan Stein. The retired professor and former Nature Canada Board Member is reflecting on a wildflower walk he took with his wife, Felicity near their home in Newfoundland.

“We were on the Burin Peninsula, and came across a step-up in the level of the main boggy area, maybe 4 feet higher. And when you looked across it, you saw this yellow band. Only when you actually climbed up on it did you realize it was orchids! Covering the bog, blanketing it, were thousands and thousands of orchids. It was a moment I’ll never forget – and we never would have found it without knowing where to look.”

Allan has spent his life finding new ways to look at nature. Raised on a farm in the prairies, he explored acres of fields and forests. Like many of us, he moved to the city and wasn’t outdoors as much. What Allan describes as a “resurgence” of his love for nature occurred when he moved to Newfoundland which led to his relationship with Nature Canada.

An active supporter and member, Allan joined the Board of Directors in the 1990s. At that point, the urgency of the environmental movement struck him. “We’re losing to development. Cities are encroaching on nature, all terrain vehicles are everywhere and we’re over-exploiting our resources.”

Allan made the choice to donate gifts of stock to Nature Canada. After his wife, Felicity, passed away, he thought it was an appropriate time to give to his loved ones and to the charities he supports. There were some tax benefits this way, and he wanted to be part of seeing the impact of his gift in his lifetime, rather than leaving the gift in his Will. “I left the use of the money as open as I could. I want Nature Canada to be able to spend this money on anything that reestablishes connections between people and nature.”

We asked Allan what he would say to other members reflecting on their personal legacy. “Support what is valuable to you and to your children,” he states. “Give money, give time and give activity. Volunteer at schools, at your local museum and help kids understand the natural world.”

Knowing where to look is a great lesson – and it applies to your legacy for nature. I would love to help you look for ways to donate stock or make any planned gift that perfectly suits your wishes and your values. Please contact me anytime at 1-800-267-4088, Ext. 239 or e-mail I would love to talk to you!