Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reject Northern Gateway Pipeline say Nature Canada and BC Nature

Tom Middleton
In our final submissions to the Joint Review Panel, Nature Canada and BC Nature are urging the Panel to recommend that the federal government reject the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project.

Nature Canada and BC Nature are submitting that Enbridge, the pipeline proponent, has underestimated the environmental risks of the Project. Northern Gateway would further threaten woodland caribou, a species at risk, with increased mortality from predators and impacts of habitat fragmentation on the caribou’s ability to feed and breed. Enbridge also failed to examine the risks associated with a worst-case scenario oil spill, such as in the globally significant Scott Islands Important Bird Area nor the potential impact of oil spills on marine mammals such as orcas and grey whales and open ocean wanderers such as albatrosses and shearwaters.  

Nature Canada and BC Nature have been ably represented by a legal team led by Chris Tollefson at the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre. 

Final arguments of the Joint Review Panel are expected to commence in June with recommendations to the federal government rendered by the end of 2013.