Monday, March 25, 2013

Classroom Book Project Supports Nature Conservation

Caitlin, Sara, Little Ray from Little Ray's Reptiles, Jeannine and Kaili
We love stories like this.

In March 2011 a group of students from the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education created a wonderfully inspiring student-teacher resource called What’s Hiding Behind the Polar Bear? It is a book created for kids, and by kids. Illustrated with impressive artwork by elementary students from Viscount Alexander Public School in Ottawa, the book contains informative endangered species profiles, activities and other information about wildlife.

“Our goal was to help raise awareness concerning endangered animals in and around Ontario,” said Sara Haas, who is now teaching at Leo Baeck Day School in Toronto. “We were really hoping to inspire people to learn more about Canadian plants and animals in trouble, and do something about it.”

Sara and her friends sold about 700 copies of their book, and donated a portion of the proceeds to Nature Canada to support our efforts on behalf of endangered species in this country. They raised $875!

Thank you to Kaili Elmhirst, Sara Haas, Jeannine Moreau and Caitlin Turney for being so passionate about conserving wildlife in Canada, and for helping to ensure the next generation appreciates nature and the importance of protecting it. Our efforts depend on people like you!