Thursday, January 17, 2013

Support the Appeal - No Turbines on Ostrander Point!

Prince Edward County Field Naturalists are appealing the decision of the Ontario Government to approve the construction and operation of a 9 turbine wind energy project on the Ostrander Point Crown land block.

They need your support to cover the legal costs of this appeal to reverse this decision.  Ostrander Point has been described as one of the worst possible locations for a wind energy development in Ontario.  It is in the heart of the globally significant Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area, minutes from the only National Wildlife Area in Canada recognized for its role in supporting landbird migration, on fragile wetland and rare alvar habitat in a provincial candidate Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, home to many provincially and nationally threatened species including Blanding's Turtle and Whip-poor-will, and on a major continental bird and bat highway only metres from the shoreline.  Birds literally pour through here in the spring and fall and use it both as a landing point after their spring migrations across Lake Ontario and a departure point after stopping over on the south shore to build up fat reserves to support their fall migration.  Tens of thousands of birds would be flying through the sweep of the turbine blades each year!  

Please visit the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists Website, and demonstrate your support for this project with a donation!

To have a glimpse of what this site is all about, and where one of the turbines will be located, check out this short video from a visit that I did last year.

To see what Mr. Gordon Miller, the Ontario Environment Commissioner thinks about wind farms in IBAs, please watch this video


Red Maple Tree said...

We must support them for our own safety. If our nature safe we will safe. Thank you for nice post.