Friday, November 9, 2012

Woodland Caribou Take Centre Stage

At this week's Northern Gateway hearings, woodland caribou took centre stage, as we cross-examined Enbridge's experts about the risks posed by the proposed pipeline. For those who did not have time to listen to the near-full day of questioning, you can read a summary, provided by the Northwest Institute, or check out the Globe and Mail's reporting on our appearance.

Thanks again to Chris Tollefson from the University of Victoria's Environmental Law Centre, who is representing Nature Canada and BC Nature, pro bono, at the hearings and leading the questioning. And thank you to Brian Churchill, the 34-year career registered biologist and caribou expert who prepared our evidence and has been present at the hearings this week.

Check out this updated map on the Law Centre's web site, showing caribou herds in relation to the proposed pipeline route.